About Our Counsellors


They all work as volunteers so do not receive any payment although we do offer something towards their travelling and parking costs when they are incurred.


They are all trained.  Some have more experience than others, some have qualifications already, some are still working towards qualifications and all continue with personal development at whatever level they are.  Our manager has an excellent record of matching clients to counsellors.


We insist that all our counsellors receive personal supervision and we offer group supervision as well.  Good supervision provides a safety net for clients and counsellors.  Counsellors discuss their cases, without identifying specific clients, and receive support, encouragement and sometimes discipline to provide the best possible care for clients.  Supervisors are more experienced counsellors with special training.  At group supervision we receive ongoing training in aspects of counselling as well as benefiting from hearing about others experiences and talking about our own.  Counsellors are careful to ensure that identities of clients are kept confidential and will not discuss a client in group supervision that one of the other counsellors might know personally.


All our counsellors are committed Christians.  That means that they are actively part of a Christian group, such as Church of England, Baptist etc.  They are all seeking to put into action what they believe.  For more details of what they believe see Statement of Faith.

Code of Ethics

Counselling is undertaken by members of the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC) who have all undergone professional training.

The ACC is the governing body for Christian Counsellors and as members of ACC all counsellors are bound by ACC's 'Ethics and Practice', a copy of which can be seen on the ACC website.