To contact us you can call us either on our landline 01702 524346 or mobile 07817 106295.  Our telephone is usually staffed between 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday.  Alternatively you can leave a message on our voicemail or write to us using the following postal address:

c/o Eastwood Baptist Church
Nobles Green Road

You can also e-mail us using this form, but please do not contact us on behalf of someone else.

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What happens when you contact us?

  1. You can phone and speak to our manager or leave a message on our ‘friendly’ answer phone.  If you leave a message and your telephone number we will aim to get back to you within 48 hours.  If you do not want us to contact you just say on the message and we will wait for you to call again.  Generally the phone is manned Monday – Friday 9am to 1.00pm.
  2. Alternatively you can send us an e-mail and we will phone you or e-mail you back, as you request.  Please fill in and send us the form above.
  3. Our manager will ask you some questions about why you would like counselling.  She does not require great detail, just enough to help her to allocate a suitable counsellor to you.  Some of our counsellors have more experience in particular areas.  She will also ask what times you would be able to come and ascertain what charge will be made.  See our cost page for details of the payment structure.  She will also ask which location you would prefer to attend, what times you would be able to come and ascertain what charge will be made.
  4. The manager will contact a counsellor and ask if he/she is able and willing to take on a new client.  If the counsellor agrees they will decide whether the manager or the counsellor will phone the client to arrange a first appointment.  Within 48 hours you will receive a phone call to book an appointment.  Occasionally we have a waiting list in which case the manager will tell you.
  5. Once your appointment is made all you have to do is turn up.  The counsellor will take you through some paperwork including a contract and then do an assessment.  This is not an examination but simply a way of checking that the counsellor considers counselling will be helpful and that he/she is a suitable counsellor.
  6. Generally counselling sessions take place weekly and involve commitment from the client and the counsellor.  Missed or cancelled appointments are sometimes unavoidable however if a client fails to arrive without explanation it will be taken as a sign that the client does not wish to continue.  This is not a good way to end counselling for either the client or the counsellor.
  7. Payment is normally expected to be given to the counsellor on a session by session basis.  If you wish to pay in some other way please discuss this with your counsellor or the manager.  You can pay by cash or cheque.  The amount will be agreed at your first session.
  8. The counsellor will review the counselling with you at times to see how things are going.  Counselling is very individual but we do not want to continue if the counselling is ineffective.  This gives client and counsellor opportunity to consider what is happening.
  9. At the final appointment another assessment is made and a review of your counselling is encouraged - a positive ending to what we hope has been a positive relationship.