How It Began

The Olive Tree Centre Trust was formed in 1998.  The vision was for a counselling service for the community.  Our aim was that all the counsellors would be committed Christians with a desire, like Jesus, to help anyone who needed it whatever their situation.  We decided to be part of the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC) who promote and uphold good, professional counselling practice as well as Christian faith.

In November 2014 The Olive Tree Centre expanded to incorporate what was the Southend Christian Counselling Service. This means that The Olive Tree Centre now has two places in which to provide its service – Eastwood, Leigh-on-Sea and Central Southend-on-Sea. See our Where We Are page for more details of locations.

We are a Registered Charity and our charity number is 1075617.

The objectives of the trust are:

  • To relieve persons in need of spiritual and emotional support by the provision of Christian counselling;
  • To provide training for those involved in counselling

The Centre is administered by a Board of Trustees.